Turkish Olive Oil Received Full-Grade

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Turkish Olive Oil Received Full-Grade
Turkish Olive Oil Received Full-Grade

Bilge Agac olive oil produced in Seferihisar, Izmir received full-grade from the British olive oil authorities.

The British authorities organized an olive oil tasting in capital London, where they tested the extinguished olive oils of Italy, Greece and Spain. The Bilge Agac (Wise Tree) oil were also among the tested samples and received tributes of the experts.

Judy Ridway, British journalist, writer, researcher and a world-famous olive oil taster, praised Bilge Agac olive oil by it’s taste and aroma the same standard with world’s quality olive oils.


The olive oil expert Judy Ridway referred to the Turkish olive oil as a quality oil with nut, walnut and fresh herb aroma. She added that more efforts on the international arena shall be made to promote this oil.

Ridway also offered suggestions to the consumer as fallows: “The quality of the olive oil can’t be comprehended by it’s color. For fresh meals, you should opt for natural pressed olive oil. The grade of the olive oil is  proven by it’s smell and taste. The more diverse the taste is, the more quality is the oil of. A good olive oil shall preserve a fruity, olive-like taste and almond, apple, sweet, fruits, walnut, a little bit bitter and lettuce aroma.


Bilge Agac (Wise Tree) olive oil is made from olives of the 500 year-old trees in Seferihisar, Izmir. Seferihisar Municipality initiates agricultural campaigns and processing facilities according to it’s motto “Different Agriculture is Possible”.