A park named after Prof.Dr. Alparslan Isikli

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A park named after Prof.Dr. Alparslan Isikli
A park named after Prof.Dr. Alparslan Isikli

A park in Sigacik will be named after Prof. Dr. Alparslan Isikli, the Head of TUMOD ( All Academia Association).

Seferihisar Municipality opened a park with a bust of Prof. Dr. Alparslan Isikli, who died of heart failure in 2013 in this summer house in Sigacik.

The opening ceremony was hold on Friday 21st April with the presence of Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer, TUMOD Head Prof. Dr. Recep Akdur, TUMOD members of the board, Izmir Mulkiyeliler Dernegi Head Tuncay Yesilbas, members of the board and Zerrin Isikli, the wife of the deceased.

Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer gave a speech on the occasion: “Renowned lecturers like Alparslan Isikli are not many and will be not many in Turkey. We know the challenges they face. We regret not to commemorate these people often. Their reminiscence fade at our minds in the fast pace of the modern age. I would like to thank you for your kind participation from Ankara and Istanbul to this ceremony. Alparslan Isikli was fond of Seferihisar and his name will endure the passage of time thanks to this park.

The bust of Alparslan Isikli was created by Azimet Karaman, the Manager of Gazi University Painting and Sculpture Museum and academia at the art section of the same university.

Alpaslan Isikli
Alparslan Isikli was born in 1940 in Amasya. He graduated from Ankara University Political Sciences Faculty (SBF), where he became the Head of the Student Union in SBF. After his studies he got his master’s degree from Centre European Universitaire de Nancy in France. Mr. Isikli returned to Turkey in 1962 to work as assistant academia in SBF. He has been appointed as associate professor in 1973 and professor in 1980.

During 1990-1994, Alparslan İsikli served as the head of Political Sciences Association (Mulkiyeliler Birligi) and Academia Association. In 2001 he was selected by the President as a member of YOK (Higher Education Institution) and continued his duty until 2005. Mr. Isikli with many publications in Turkish and foreign languages, was serving as the head of TUMOD.